Student journalists vs. their university … but it doesn’t have to be that way

So with the semester at Stony Brook wrapped up, it’s safe to say it’s been an busy one. Not busy in the Occupy Wall Street/Elections/Superstorm Sandy way, but busy in that we’ve had some great successes and spectacular failures when it came to relations with our campus. Continue reading

Stony Brook University’s 53rd May Commencement

Stony Brook University celebrated its 53rd May Commencement – this one held a lot of special meaning for the School of Journalism. The commencement speaker – for the second time in the SOJ’s short history – was one of our own, Philly Bubaris. Though the clouds loomed overhead and the wind didn’t make things easy, the show went on. At least it wasn’t one of the days with the sun bearing down on everyone there. Continue reading

The 2013 Roth Pond Regatta at Stony Brook University

The Roth Pond Regatta has become somewhat of a tradition at Stony Brook University – students, faculty and staff construct boats made mostly out of cardboard and duct tape and launch them across Roth Pond in a race to the finish line. This year’s Regatta took place on April 26, 2013. Continue reading

Basic Photo Tips: Fixing JPG images in Photoshop

Sometimes, that perfect moment gets captured in your photo in an imperfect way. So what do you do? Run it as is? Fix it up a little? How far is too far? Here’s a quick guide to salvaging those photos that are almost there, but not quite. Continue reading